50​/​90 2016

by Amanda Willow

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Rough takes from the 2016 50/90 song writing challenge. Will add tracks periodically as I write and record them.


released June 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Amanda Willow Washington

Singer/Songwriter from Eastern Washington State. I play mostly for my own sanity and amusement.

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Track Name: What's in the Box
I never stopped to wonder why
I never stopped to think
I never stopped to take a peek
At what was underneath

I wonder what is deep inside
The box inside my heart
I wonder where the key has gone
The box is calling out

“Let the wind and the rain come
Let the clouds gets dark
Lightening flash and thunder roar
Let the wind and the rain come
Let it pour and pour
More and more, then you’ll know
What’s in the box”
Track Name: Honest as Fuck
Holy hell, you’ve done it again
Taken my words and twisted them into sin

Fuckin’ pain in the neck, literally
You better not think I’m goin' down easily

Hey, I’m a tool for lettin’ you
Walk all over me for all these years

Honest as fuck, your day will come
You’ll turn around and it’ll be done

Honest as fuck, what will you do?
It’s all gonna be a great shock to you

Maybe I’m addicted to
A certain kind of sadness, you

You shouldn’t do that, fuckin’ listen to me
This is my body, and it is not free

Don’t punish me for bein’ myself
I just recently took me off the shelf
Track Name: Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Mail is dropped, balloons pop
Gossip swapped, bushes chopped

Back gates creak, no one speaks
Sneak a peek, at the freak

Lives sunburned, no concern
Anger spurned, fences burned

And the grass grow
And the wind blows
And no one knows
Where to go

Flowers bloom, clouds gloom
Who hates whom, is in the tomb

Cats meow, on the prowl
Disallow, so high brow

No kids play, in driveways
Time’s away, it’s doomsday

Gnomes get high, babies cry
Pink birds fly, to the sky

Trees are trimmed, wind chimes spin
Much chagrin, hidden sin

Lawns are mown, Leaves are blown
Garbage thrown, is anyone home?
Track Name: I'm Going Down
Walking down the street, got someone to meet
Walk around the corner, and they’re gone

Now I’m all alone, and I’m far from home
Walk around the corner, and I’m gone

I’m going down, down, down, down, down, down, down tonight
Gotta hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on tight

Lying on the floor, can’t take much more
Lift my head slowly, where’s the light?

As my head spins, ‘bout the state I’m in
Lift my head slowly, where’s my light?

Been here before, lying on the floor
Should I get up now, is it time?

Gotta find the light, gotta make me right
Walk around the corner, where am I?
Track Name: Untitled
Like a bee buzzin’ ‘round my head
I can’t get rid of you
Like a rock stuck in my shoe
You irritate me too

Like a rat gnawing at my soul
You make me dead inside
Like the math that I hate
All you do is divide

One by one I’m layin’
Brick upon brick
Building my true home now
Things have finally clicked

Tired of livin’ ‘neath a microscope
Judged for all I do
Guess I’m really not the sheep
You thought would follow you

And I’m OK
Yes, I’m OK
Yes, I’m OK

3X: My eyes are wide

3X: My path is clear
Track Name: Gotta Go
I’m walkin’ down the street
Usin’ my two feet
Walkin’ forward, walkin’ far
Lookin’ for that space bar

Need some distance, need some space
Lotta demons to face
No real destination
Just need a vacation

Gotta go
Gotta go
Gotta go

Gotta go
Gotta go

Maybe to the moon and stars
Maybe Chicago
Maybe ‘round the world and back
Fuck it, I don’t know

Maybe straight into your arms
Maybe back in time
Maybe where I’ve always been
Lotta hills to climb
Track Name: 5 Monkeys
Got five monkeys on my shoulder
Got five monkeys on my back
All they do is jibber jabber
I think I’m gonna crack

The first one says get lucky
The second says just get stoned
The third one says I’m hungry
The fourth just drink alone

The fifth one says
Yes, the fifth one says
Get lost
Get lost

Got five monkeys on my shoulder
Got five monkeys on my back
All they say is blah blah blah blah
I think I’m gonna crack

The first one says I’m ugly
The second one says I’m fat
The third one says I’m crazy
The fourth says I’m a brat

That fifth monkey on my shoulder
That fifth monkey on my back
I think he’s got it right now
Think I’m never coming back
Track Name: I Can't Close My Eyes
Wanderin’ around
Summer sun beating down
Walking through my memories
Seeing what there is to see

I can’t close my eyes
I can’t close my eyes

Down the street, ‘round the bend
Where the cherry orchard use to be
I left my heart buried there
When you left me

That was a long time ago
I don’t wanna let you go
If I forgot everything about you
I’d forget all the good times too
Track Name: Hold On Cassie
For a while, everything’s alright
For a while, you’re a queen
And you know
All your needs are met in a flash
If only you’d foreseen

The world spinning you ‘round and ‘round
Blood rushin’ to your head
And you feel
Out of control, out of time
Your reflection will be your end

Hold on Cassie, hold on

Cassiopeia, where’s your crown?
Guess you shoulda laid it down
At your feet, and walked away

Cassiopeia, why the frown?
You look gorgeous in your gown
Faded gray, inlaid with tears

Cassiopeia, don’t look now
Your kingdom fell, no one would bow
At your feet, inlaid with tears
Track Name: The Importance of Careful Pickle Selection
Some pickles are salty
Some pickles are sweet
Some are even spicy
They’re my favorite treat

We meet at the Pickle Barrel
Both reached for the same kosher dill
Our eyes locked, my jaw dropped
Your beauty gave me such a thrill

For a long time, we were blissful
Everyday our love would flower
But like fall always follows summer
Our love slowly went sour

Oh, I’m in a pickle since you left me
All my hope for the future is gone
I don’t think I’ve ever been sadder
How in the world can I ever go on?

What can I do to forget our love?
There’s only one thing left to do
Pickle myself in whiskey and wine
And try and get over you

It was my fault you left me
I only thought about myself
Now you’re eating another man’s pickle
And you put me back on the shelf
Track Name: Band of Neighbor Gnomes
Banjo boy pickin Asche
Jamming ant on lead with Amanda
Papa John fiddlin Austin
Zombie gnome on drums from Minnesota
Jerry junior on vocals from New Jersey

Band of neighbor gnomes
Eight rockin yard critters
Survivin on the road
Our favorite homes

Keep your eye peeled for the tour box
Opening your neighborhood soon

Sam needs a drink, another rhythm guitar
Amanda wonders what will the neighbors think?
Does this go too far?
Wrecks our well to do past
How long will we last

Baking in the sun
Sitting in the rain
Smelling yellow snow
Blasted hurricane
Blowin in the wind
Stepped on covered up again
Here we go again
Track Name: You Don't Own Me
You keep peeling the layers of my skin
Thinking somehow you’re gonna win
Well I got news for you, I’m onto something new
‘Bout to breakthrough

I don’t understand how you think you can
Do the things you do
You’ve rented my mind for the last time
Find someone else to screw

You don’t own me
You don’t own me
You don’t own me
Oh no

One of the days you’re gonna wake up
And find a big surprise
No one around, we’ve all left town
No one to antagonize

I feel sorry for you, you won’t know what to do
But you’ve done this to yourself
I got a new lease, finding my peace
Good luck all by yourself
Track Name: Waltz Right Through
Gonna waltz right through those Pearly Gates
Don’t think the Lord will care
But St. Pete’s gonna be surprised
Never thought he’d see me there

Used to do some dancin’ back
In my younger, drinkin’ days
We did a heap a waltzin’ ‘cause
That’s all the band would play

We would sneak out now and then
And pray we wouldn’t be missed
In the woods behind the barn
We’d do much more than kiss

One night my daddy caught us
He was fit to be tied
So we had a little wedding
The quickie, shotgun kind

We really got along quite well
And raised a couple three kids
All went well for years and years
‘Til I started drinkin’ again

Saw it would probably kill me
Got religion, wouldn’t you?
When I make it to heaven
Know just what I will do
Track Name: Pinwheel Perspective
Track Name: It's Coming Out Her Ears
It’s comin’ out her ears
Overwhelmin’ her heart
She doesn’t know what to do
With all the questions and the thoughts
Running through her head
Confusin’ her heart
She doesn’t know what to believe
Where to start
Track Name: Many Door to Amazing Grace
Many doors, many ways
Many different games to play
Where’s the truth? Behind which door?
Perhaps it’s way beneath the floor.

Pale yellow block wall, backlit glow
Wondering where that trapdoor goes
Is it keeping something out? Or something in?
Blocking redemption? Or opening sin?

(Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me)

(Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved)

(Through many dangers, toils, and snares,
I have already come)

Why put me down because we disagree?
So many different ways to see
Don’t shut the door to other truth
Is yours the only way with proof?
Track Name: Don't Ever Stop
Everything’s electric
Everything’s a blur
Everything is static
Everything is pure

I breathe you in
I breathe you out
Come fill me up
To the very top

I need you soon
I need you now
Come fill me up
Don’t ever stop

Everything is clear now
Everything flows
Everything’s dynamic
Everything’s exposed

Everything’s on fire
Everything is light
Everything is timeless
Everything’s alright
Track Name: What Do You Think Of That?
As I walk down the street
Bright lights shining over me
I realize something true
I’d do most anything for you

I’d climb mountains for you
I’d swim oceans too
Drive ‘cross the continent for you
Fly to the moon

I wouldn’t give these things a second thought
You’re my heart and soul, and our love is hot
Do anything, and that’s a fact
What do you think of that?

I’d leap off a building for you
Clean pit latrines too
I’d eat smelly socks for you
Pay off a politician too

Steal a mobster’s car for you
Clean sewers with my toothbrush too
Pick a fight with a biker for you
Eat a poisonous snake

I’d punch a kangaroo for you
Cut off my two feet too
I’d slap a hooker for you
Run over fuzzy ducklings

I’d step on a homeless guy for you
Dig up Colonel Sanders too
Wear meat to work for you
Bite heads off baby butterflies
Track Name: Come Home
Movin’ on
Where to?
I dunno
Just know I gotta go

Movin’ through
Going deeper
Than before
Going further

I’m just ever so slightly disturbed
By the prospect of all of these changes
But I know I can’t stay here any more
‘Cause the wind is calling my name
Come home

Movin’ fast
Travelin' quickly
Down the road
I see clearly

Movin’ now
No time to lose
Gotta start
Opening my eyes